This website and course is the product of a USDA interagency collaboration between the US Forest Service, Natural Resource Conservation Service, the National Agroforestry Center, and the University of Georgia's BUGWOOD Network. This website is intended as a self-directed learning resource for private landowners, agency resource personnel and others interested in Silvopasture. By reviewing and completing each of the course modules, course participants will be able to put into practice and/or provide grounded recommendations for pine silvopasture establishment and management.

For those interested in receiving credit for completion of the course, you must register for an account on the home page and progress through the course sequentially, submitting the assessment tool or quiz at the end of each module.

Software and Internet Requirements
The following software is required to access course content:

Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free at, is the software you will need to open and/or download reading assignments in pdf format.

Module Presentations are available as PowerPoint or Flash-based files. Adobe's Flash player is available for free at:

While a high-speed internet connection is not required, a faster connection will allow you to download content more quickly. Speakers are recommended for the audio component of some course materials.

Click here for contact info regarding questions on credit, certification, or further field training related to Silvopasture establishment and management.

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