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Experimental longleaf silvopasture in Southern Georgia.

Double-row eight year-old longleaf pine silvopasture in southeastern Georgia.

Photo showing pruning scar on eight year old longleaf pine.

Forage clump in alley way in newly established silvopasture system.

Bole of ten year-old longleaf pine with fresh pruning scars.
(Done correctly)

Electric fencing system at experimental silvopasture trial in southeastern Georgia.

Cattle watering tank in ten year-old longleaf silvopasture system in southeastern Georgia.

Ten year-old longleaf silvopasture.

Twenty-five year-old slash pine silvopasture following final thinning.

Red clover forage under twenty-five year-old silvopasture.

Notice absence of forage
within tree rows.

Photo shows more shade immediately adjacent to tree rows.

Very aesthetic young slash pine silvopasture in North Florida.

Well established slash pine silvopasture in North Florida.

Cattle walking fence line in well established slash pine silvopasture in North Florida.

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