This course is organized by "Modules" which are organized clusters of resources and materials that cover specific topics related to Silvopasture. By progressing through each of the modules, course participants should become familiar with the practical application of Silvopasture as a viable alternative land-management strategy.

Each module will typically consist of:

  • A reading assignment. Reading assignments for the course come from the USDA working handbook, Silvopasture: Establishment and Management Principles for Pine Forests in the Southeastern United States, available in PDF format that can be opened or downloaded to your computer.
  • Enhanced PowerPoint presentations. Presentations are available for viewing and/or download. Speakers are recommended to hear microlectures and a Flash player is required to view enhanced presentations.
  • A Flash object, presentation, and/or video 'vignette' demonstrating additional silvopasture concepts.
  • An assessment tool. A quiz to assess your understanding of the material and concepts presented within each module.

Each of the learning resources within the modules is available for download to your computer for further reading or use within your organization. While is recommended to progress through the course sequentially, content within each module is available for immediate access.

Module 1: An Introduction to Silvopasture

Module 2: Site Preparation and Tree Spacing

Module 3: Tree Species and Seedlings

Module 4: Canopy Management

Module 5: Cattle Management for Silvopasture

Module 6: Silvopasture Forage Management

Module 7: Other benefits of Silvopasture

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